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Behind the Scenes at

3 Feb
We attempt to stay ahead of the orders by "pre" building our Candy Bar Love Cakes.

We attempt to stay ahead of the orders by “pre” building our Candy Bar Love Cakes.

The only people that can fully appreciate how busy we get at CookiePots during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day are current or former employees and my immediate family.  Just to give you an idea, we put up a preview of our Valentine offerings in mid December and begin getting orders as early as the first week in January.  Customers that have ordered in the past know that we only have “so much” of the romantic add-ons and if they want the best selection they need to order early. You don’t want to be the customer with her heart set on Chocolate Cherry Body Heat Lotion that is told we only have Watermelon left in stock!

We often compare the achy, totally exhausted feeling that we start experiencing around the 4th of February to childbirth because as soon as it’s over you tell yourself that, “it really wasn’t that bad” until you hit the next year and remember that  YES, it really was that bad!

The first tough thing is inventory.  Although we sell our “romantic” items all year long, we just don’t have the space for extra love lotions, racy games or dozens of handcuffs if they don’t sell over the Valentine’s week. So figuring out what will sell each year and what won’t requires me to be part magician and part psychic. I usually start by ordering slightly more of any of the products that sold out the year before.  This method isn’t fool proof but it usually is about right.  I then try to pick out at least 2 new items that I think will appeal to my predominately female customer base over Valentine’s season. I then have to make sure we have enough “sticks” for the cookies that we do for the bouquets and also the right amount and color of cellophane. And don’t even get me started on pots, shipping boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape.


No matter how many Romantic Candy Bouquets we make ahead of time, we just can’t seem to keep up with all of the last minute orders!

Each year we also attempt to work ahead on everything that we can possibly do before hand.  We fold and tape up shipping boxes, we assemble “poofs” and wrap pots for the CookiePot Bouquets and we try to completely build those items that aren’t perishable such as our Candy Bar “Love” Cakes and our Stud Kits.  But even those have options that customers can choose so we can’t even finish all of those completely before the orders come in.

Since we hand write all the messages that customers leave on the enclosure (or POP-Up) cards, we can also do those ahead of time. I also remind my children and husband that they will be on call if we fall behind and need their assistance. This is usually met with a collective groan.


There is no other special feeling like receiving a “naughty” Cookie Pot Bouquet.

And then there is the critical communication with our customers.  A lot of gals ask for delivery right on Valentine’s Day. This always leaves me a little uncomfortable because all of our gifts are delivered by Federal Express.  Now, considering all of the packages that FedEx delivers each day, they do an admirable job. But, and this is a big BUT, things can always get in the way.  Sometimes packages are put on the wrong truck, sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate and sometimes recipient’s aren’t home and the location is such the FedEx driver doesn’t feel comfortable leaving the package without a signature. These are all elements that can delay the delivery by a day.  For this reason, we normally suggest to our customers that we aim for February 13, and put a “Do Not Open Until Valentine’s Day” message on the outside of the box.  This way we’ve compensated for any delays that would make the gift arrive late.  We always feel that one day early is always preferable to any days late – especially when we are talking about Valentine’s Day!

And when it’s all done and a week has passed we tell each other that it really wasn’t that bad. Right!

Valentine Giveaway at Funky-Monkey

14 Jan
Valentine Candy Bar Pizza

Valentine Candy Bar Pizza – perfect gift for anyone you love on around Valentine’s Day.

Just a quick heads up!  We are participating in a Valentine give away with Funky-Monkey.

We are giving away a Valentine Candy Bar Pizza – a big winner for anyone you consider sweet. There is also a 20% discount coupon good until January 31, 2013 that you can use to advance purchase any Valentine gift of your choice.

What is a Valentine Candy Bar Pizza?

Glad you asked!  It arrives in a festive looking pizza box but when it’s opened, it is a pizza made completely out of mini candy bars.  Snickers, Baby Ruth, Butterfingers, Milky Way and more!

The great thing about this gift is that it’s perfect for anyone you think is sweet. It’s perfect for college students, favorite customers or coworkers – just about anyone you’d like to make smile.

So, don’t delay and hurry on over to Funky-Monkey to enter!

Men and Valentine’s Day

9 Jan

What will YOU choose to put inside your Love Cake delivery?

It is no secret that Valentine’s Day is a hugely popular holiday for us at  And while having a popular product around Valentine’s Day is nothing new for florists and perfume counters, we are somewhat novel because we don’t specialize in gifts for women – we specialize in gifts for men.

Think about it. We’re pretty easy to buy for on Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t love a dozen roses or a nice bottle of some new perfume?  But buying something for the man in your life? Whoa! Now, that’s a little trickier.

We all know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and we definitely capitalize on that at our company. But we add a twist. When gals come to purchase their Valentine’s Day gifts, they have a choice when they reach our “romance” page. They can be “nice” (by choosing to send a cookie or candy gift) or they can be “naughty” and send a cookie or candy gift that has one or more slightly naughty extras.

The first year we did this it was such a hoot. You just never know what lurks behind a women’s polite voice. We would get a big chuckle out of the very quiet, almost timid women customers who would place their orders for one of our Love Candy Cakes and when we would ask if they wanted to add any options to the inside (thinking they would say “brownies or cookies” and instead they would answer, “Yes, please add the handcuffs.” Wait, what?

And then there was a little old lady in a retirement community who had not one but two boyfriends that sent love cakes to EACH of her gentlemen friends – fully loaded with all of the naughty extras!

My favorite story, however, is a good lesson for all boyfriends and husbands. First, you have to understand that we begin receiving Valentine orders in January. Now add to that fact that in order to have all the gifts arrive just before or on Valentine’s Day it means that all of the items have to be made within about 5 days time.

This means that we all arrive early, work long days, go home exhausted, drag ourselves out of bed the next day and repeat the process for the full 5 days.

One year, we decided to have a contest. Each designer would come up with a brand new original design and the winner (judged by the number of orders it got) would win a Valentine bonus. That year, one designer came up with the CookiePot design we call The Boy Toy. This particular design won by a complete landslide. Every single employee would have been able to make a Boy Toy that year blindfolded.

It was just after this week that one of the designer’s husbands decided that he’d send a CookiePot to his wife for Valentine’s Day. Not only did the gal not want a CookiePot of any kind (since she had worked all week making them) but he managed to order the Boy Toy winning design which (drum roll) was NOT the design that she had come up with. Talk about double whammy – ouch! So fellas, never (ever) send your girlfriend or wife something that she makes herself, sells or works with on a daily basis.