What’s Up With Commercials These Days?

21 Feb

Have any of you experienced what I’d like to call “Commercial Confusion”?  You know, it’s when you watch an entire commercial and either have zero idea what the commercial is for, or, you know what it’s for but just feel you are missing the entire “point” of the exercise.

Thinking back, the first really bad commercial that I experienced was that old Wendy’s commercial.  All I can remember about it was at the end, Wendy was kicking at the base of a tree in the middle of a forest. It was just plain weird. I complained about how annoying this commercial was to my friends and family until they were sick of hearing about it.  Much later, I heard that the advertising company responsible for this fiasco was fired.

This is not to say there aren’t any absolutely great commercials. Virtually any Hallmark commercial is excellent. Budweiser, of course, Frito Lay and Taco Bell are a few more that come to mind.  They are good because they don’t lose sight of what they are advertising. The audience knows what the product is and understands how it is used.

My very favorite commercial was one that Pepsi produced 5 years ago. It showed the young Coke driver pulling up alongside the more mature Pepsi driver. The young buck Coke driver decides to show the Pepsi driver how cool he is by turning up his radio and blasting his hip music.  The Pepsi driver never changes expression, he just takes a sip of Pepsi and then reaches down and flips a switch which makes the entire truck start rocking up and down in beat to  rap music. The expression on the Coke driver’s face is priceless.

Recently, Progressive started airing a commercial that falls into the “really weird and misses the mark” category. It’s the one where someone is dressed up to look like Flo is mixing something up in the kitchen. Then, there is her “presumed” husband (who looks like he’s taken some serious drugs) with a computer in his lap. I believe the general idea is that he is supposed to be researching insurance policies. I think. Two agents who have appeared in previous commercials as agents ask about the “room situation” which I also “think” is referring to how long the process is going to take – but come on!  Don’t make me work that hard to figure out your point!

So what’s your favorite or least favorite commercial?  Let me know by posting below, I’d love to know!

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