Free Social Media Tips for Small Business

22 Jan
So much Social Media, so little time.

So much Social Media, so little time.

Did you ever feel like the whole Social Media world was changing so fast you had to get up 2 hours earlier in the morning just so you wouldn’t get lost with what changed overnight?  Me too!

So, I thought it might be helpful to explain my understanding of the various social media outlets in an easy to understand format.

FACEBOOK – This is a perfect outlet for any small business.  Pestering the hell out of friends and relatives to buy your products will certainly increase sales. Your friends will buy something  just so you’ll leave them alone!  Who wants to really “shop” for anything while they are reading a post about a high school crush getting a divorce??!!

TWITTER – A great source for getting new followers to learn about your business.  It is especially effective if you use the word “FREE” in your headline – that’s what I did and guess what? YOU are reading this!

YouTube – This is the perfect medium for a small business to demonstrate how their products work.  If you aren’t much to look at, have a  really attractive person do the video. If they are “hot”enough, it doesn’t even make a difference if your product is any good, a LOT of people will buy it anyway.

GFC – I just learned about this today!  I’m really excited.  Apparently it stands for Google Friend Connect.  What a wonderful way to get the word out!  Wait, I just read it was actually discontinued for non-Blogger sites on March 1, 2012. Damn, I just knew that I should have gotten up earlier….

PINTEREST – Fabulous, fabulous site. This is especially great for any small businesses that offer a highly visual or highly creative product that they have worked on for years, painstakingly perfecting their craft.  There is no greater high then seeing someone has re-pinned their product……under the topic “DIY” – even better “Weekend Projects for Kids.”

KLOUT – I had to check this out when my great aunt told me about it. She said it analyzes all of your social media and gives you a rating between 1 and 100 to show how much you influence people. My great aunt’s score was 77.  My company’s score was 36… Hmmm.

I hope you’ve found this information helpful.

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