Valentine Giveaway at Funky-Monkey

14 Jan
Valentine Candy Bar Pizza

Valentine Candy Bar Pizza – perfect gift for anyone you love on around Valentine’s Day.

Just a quick heads up!  We are participating in a Valentine give away with Funky-Monkey.

We are giving away a Valentine Candy Bar Pizza – a big winner for anyone you consider sweet. There is also a 20% discount coupon good until January 31, 2013 that you can use to advance purchase any Valentine gift of your choice.

What is a Valentine Candy Bar Pizza?

Glad you asked!  It arrives in a festive looking pizza box but when it’s opened, it is a pizza made completely out of mini candy bars.  Snickers, Baby Ruth, Butterfingers, Milky Way and more!

The great thing about this gift is that it’s perfect for anyone you think is sweet. It’s perfect for college students, favorite customers or coworkers – just about anyone you’d like to make smile.

So, don’t delay and hurry on over to Funky-Monkey to enter!

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