Good things come in small packages!

3 Jan

iStock_000021678838XSmallWhen I was a preteen, one of my fondest memories was clipping the coupon from TEEN magazine to send away for a Bonne Belle trial sampler. You simply filled out your mailing address on the coupon and sent it with something like $1.25 to cover postage. In about 6 weeks your package arrived with your handwritten clipped coupon taped on the outside and used as a shipping label.

The anticipation was almost too much for me. After the first 4 weeks of waiting passed, I would race to the mailbox each day to see if my “special delivery” had arrived. Somehow, even if the mailbox was empty, just knowing that I was going to receive my goodies very soon was satisfying in itself.

When that brightly colored red, white & blue striped cylinder finally did arrive – well, it was simply too exciting. Inside there would be fairly generous samples of their astringent, highlighter, blush and lip gloss. I would spend the rest of the day trying on the makeup and experimenting with different looks. The whole experience was glorious and when I think back on those years, it still makes me smile.

I’ve shared this story with my family and never thought anyone really listened or “got” how special this memory was for me. This Christmas, I discovered that I was wrong!

A few days before Christmas I got a package in the mail from Birchbox . I had not heard of them before, so I opened the outside wrapper to discover a bright pink and white striped box and inside (nestled in tissue paper) were sample sized items of a variety of beauty products.

Opening each item and trying it out is a delightful experience.

Opening each item and trying it out is a delightful experience.

The concept with Birchbox is that you can “try out” beauty products that you might not otherwise know about and then purchase those items from their site in full sized versions for which you accumulate “points”. I went online as instructed and filled out my “profile” so that they knew my skin and hair type, beauty concerns, age, etc. so that they could send me products in the future that would be a good match for me.

Of course, it instantly brought back memories of my preteen deliveries and made me smile again. It was a wonderful gift and I can’t wait for my next delivery – perhaps I’ll go check the mailbox now!

One Response to “Good things come in small packages!”

  1. Sheryl January 8, 2014 at 7:37 pm #

    I remember the Bonne Belle sampler too! I was always sending away for things in Seventeen and Teen magazine. Do remember the free “beginner’s kit” from Kotex, lol? But the Bonne Belle deal was probably the best one. I wonder if they still so something similar?

    And I just subscribed to both Birchbox and Ipsy–can’t wait to get my goodies next month.

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